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Who is Zach Wood?

Zach lives in Loveland, Colorado where he leads an active life writing and speaking about living with disabilities. His simple message teaches that disabled people have many of the same qualities as those without disabilities and that the disabled can and should follow their dreams.

Zach started writing children's books in 2008 beginning with the Carlos series: Carlos Goes to Preschool and Carlos Rides the School Bus. Carlos was born with Cerebral Palsy (CP) and uses a wheelchair. The books follow his experiences in school.

Zach's latest series is all about the "Disabilities Gang" and starts off with Abby Goes to the Farm. Zach expands his focus from CP to other disabilities including blindness, autism, and deafness.

Follow the adventures of each character as they explore our world and share it from their unique perspectives. Stay tuned for the up and coming adventure of JT in JT’s Big Day. As well as writing, Zach speaks at various events around Colorado helping to educate young and old about disabilities as well as to inspire those with a disability.

Who draws those great pictures?

Meet Rochelle Peeler...

Rochelle Peeler studies art at Colorado State University. She likes drawing cartoons and living on coffee. She loves art and creates it whenever she can!