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A Field Trip to Remember—co-author Christian Diego Sanchez

A Field Trip to Remember cover

A Field Trip to Remember came about from Zach working with a 5th grader named Christian Diego Sanchez who also has cerebral palsy. During his visits with Christian, they came up with a story of an entire class taking an adventurous field trip to race go karts. Christian included all his classmates and his friend the janitor, Mr. Marlon, in the story, too.

Rochelle Peeler once again brings all the characters to life with her illustrations including putting in all his classmates throughout the book.

Don't miss the epic adventures of Christian and his classmates.

Illustrated by Rochelle Peeler.


Disabilities Gang Series

Abby Goes to the Farm cover

Abby Goes to the Farm begins the Disabilities Gang series. Explore a local farm with Abby, a blind girl with a sense of adventure.

Illustrated by Rochelle Peeler.


JT's Big Day cover

JT's Big Day intrododuces the next Disabilities Gang character, JT. A boy with autism loves his local football team and has a very exciting day at a home game. Take a look at the world through the eyes of an average boy who just happens to have autism.

Illustrated by Rochelle Peeler.


Emily and the Golden Ska cover

Emily and the Golden Skate continues the Disabilities Gang series with an aspiring championship ice skater, Emily. Learn the innovative ways a deaf girl spends time with her friends as well as competes in figure skating competitions.

Illustrated by Rochelle Peeler.

Carlos World Series

Carlos Rides The School Bus

Carlos Rides the School Bus takes you on the next stage in the adventures of Carlos. He takes on a school bus with his wheelchair and his friends. Enjoy the ride!

Illustrated by Katherine Frey.


Carlos Goes To Preschool Book

Carlos Goes To Preschool is the first book in the Carlos series. Share the excitement with Carlos as he starts off his first day of school where he ventures out of his comfort zone. Share all of his new experiences as he makes his way through his first day!

Illustrated by Katherine Frey.

Take a look at this interactive flipbook preview of Carlos Goes To Preschool.

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